Neighborhood Toy Store Day
Saturday, November 12th  10am - 6pm

Join us for the 7th annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day where we will be celebrating the joy of play!
We are joining hundreds of other independent toy stores across the country who will be hosting events that highlight engaging toys that we strive to bring to our local communities.

  • Make an ornament
  • Demo new toys & games
  • Enter to win hourly raffle drawing
  • Donate to The Giving Tree
  • Make a Christmas wishlist
  • Face painting
  • Scavenger hunt to win prizes


Make a Mask Halloween Play Day
Saturday, October 29th  10am - 5pm

Come in costume to make a fun and spooky mask! Test your skills at the Halloween Hopscotch Challenge!
Everyone is welcome to attend this FREE day of fun.



Foil Art Play Day
Saturday, September 17th  10am - 5pm

Make fun pictures using amazing peel and press foil art kits!
This is a free activity for ages 4 and up. Everyone is welcome!


The Great Create Play Day
Saturday, August 20th  10am - 5pm

Let your imagination soar with fun arts and craft supplies!
This is a free activity for all ages and everyone is welcome!


Plush Craft Play Day
Saturday, July 16th  10am - 5pm

Create your own Plush Craft puppy by inserting soft fabric squares into a foam base.
This is a free activity for kids ages 5 and up!


Art Walk Play Day Chalk Drawing
Saturday, June 25th

Get creative with colorful chalk on black paper during this years Art Walk.


Rubberband Ball Play Day
Saturday, May 28th 10am - 5pm
Join us to celebrate The Salida Ballcano by making fun rubberband balls! Everyone is welcome to this FREE event!

The Salida Ballcano
Saturday, May 28th 10am - 4pm
The Salida Ballcano is the first annual fundraiser for education jointly between the
Salida Council for the Arts and Crest Academy.

The event promises to launch over 2000 balls from the top of Salida's Tenderfoot Mountain.
For more information and to purchase balls online CLICK HERE.
Kaleidoscope Toys is also a participating ball ticket vendor!